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The Injury Center of Houston understand the need for a speedy recovery, and we want to ensure that recovery. Each of our healthcare centers accepts these easy, convenient payment options:

Workers’ Compensation

Many injuries can occur while on the job. What seems to be a minor injury at first could become major damage if it isn’t treated immediately and with the right type of healthcare. We take pride in offering high-quality, comprehensive, convenient and personalized spinal healthcare for your employees in a time-effective and accountable manner that emphasizes prevention. We specialize in helping patients dispute their cases if they have been assigned a maximum medical improvement (MMI) date and impairment rating too early or if the carrier is disputing their claim.

We will see most Texas and other states worker’s compensation insurance claims. 

We also specialize in Federal Workers compensation claims. 

Major Insurance Plans

Call for a list of our accepted insurance plans.

Personal Injuries

The Injury Center of Houston understand that rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury or other acute traumatic injuries is very important, even if you don’t have medical insurance or the money to afford your medical expenses. That is why the Injury Center of Houston will accept most personal injury cases with 3rd party insurance, personal injury protection, etc.


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